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  • S - Girl Band
  • Support the unprivileged to create a better society
  • Your support gives us opportunities
  • A strong community depends on mutual help - Let`s work together
  • Improving the quality of life for people with special needs
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Improving the quality of life for people with special needs
  • Let`s smile together for a brighter future
  • Open your eyes for our problems and you`ll be part of the solution
  • You can change the world . Do it !
  • Your effort is fuel to our passion
  • Your encouragement gives us hope
  • Your support gives us opportunities


Nivia – Australia
Wonderful and Inspiring. Thank you!!

Lynne – Scotland
Amazing place…

Wes – USA
54 years ago I graduated High School. 52 years ago I was in Quy Nhon with the U. S. Army (19 years old). This in my 8th trip to visit NNC. It is good to see new students and connect with some previous students. I hope everyone who reads this will enjoy their visit to Quy Nhon and NNC.

Lise – Norway
You are doing such important work. Band is awesome.

Jorgen – Norway
You are an inspiration In both skill and openness towards people!

May – Australia
Love the work you are doing!

Allan – Ireland
Such an inspirational visit. Keep it up!!

Xavier – Canada
Awesome work you all do. You raised my spirits!

Anne – Australia
I have goosebumps still running up my arms. Loved this afternoon. Soooo Soooo Special !!!

Linh – Viet Nam
Such a meaningful place, so vintage and traditional.

Rachel – England
Thank you for a special day. I will be back one day!!

Sharon – England
An amazing woman who is doing amazing and inspiring work!!

Janet – Australia
Thank you for a special visit with special people!

Denise – Australia
Thank you for allowing us to visit. Congratulations, you are all a wonderful inspiration.

Carmen – Switzerland
Thank you very much, it was a nice experience.

Simone – Holland
What you do is really inspiring, keep doing.

Kym – Australia
Inspiring work to help those in need.

Sarah – Australia
What an amazing experience, such love and compassion.

Carol – United Kingdom
Fantastic, inspirational. You should be so proud.

Anne – United Kingdom
Fantastic place – loved this visit – inspiring.

Clare – United Kingdom
Absolutely amazing and inspirational.

Josephine – Holland
This place is very beautiful and special !!

Keria – Australia
This is an amazing place and I feel privileged and honored to have been here.

Ereni - Australia
Your work is invaluable and wonderful to see and listen to your story!!!

Cheryl - New Zealand
Amazing people in an amazing and truly inspiring place.

Laura – Germany
Very impressive! Thank you.

Stephanie – Australia
Very enriching and fun day! We loved it here.

Madeleine – Australia
An amazing Centre doing great things. We had a great time.

Leal – USA
Incredibly inspiring place. Feel lucky to be here!

Renie – Holland
Impressive Organization, very lovely atmosphere, very calm and nice!

Carol – Canada
Lovely place and even better people. Thank you.

Tony – Australia
Wonderful place doing a great job in a caring and stimulating environment. Fantastic..

Kim – Gold Coast
So Beautiful, so worthy, so needed!!

Fiona – New Zealand
Fabulous place. Great venture. Well done.

Hugo – Holland
Very impressive. Respect!

Marjou – Netherlands
Amazing, emotional !!!

Ans – Netherlands
Thank you for all the things you do.

Nicholas – New Zealand
Lovely society, keep up the great work.

Minaha – New Zealand
I was very happy with you all and very much impressed with what you do.

Sue – New Zealand
Very impressive how one person’s dream to help people has blossomed. Delightful meeting everyone.

We listened to very beautiful music and we loved the good party with music and dance.

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