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  • Support the unprivileged to create a better society
  • Your support gives us opportunities
  • A strong community depends on mutual help - Let`s work together
  • Improving the quality of life for people with special needs
  • Helping people to help themselves
  • Improving the quality of life for people with special needs
  • Let`s smile together for a brighter future
  • Open your eyes for our problems and you`ll be part of the solution
  • You can change the world . Do it !
  • Your effort is fuel to our passion
  • Your encouragement gives us hope
  • Your support gives us opportunities

Financial Summary

Revenue Sources:
• The Nguyen Nga Center strives to develop and maintain support activities for People with Special Needs with documented hardships. To cover the expenses of all running operations we need the assistance of concerned organizations from Viet Nam and abroad, individual supporters along with contributions from involved families and the founder herself. Another important source of income is the centers effort to boost the sale of products made by the people with disabilities at the Center.

• When the fundraising activities and financial support from other organizations becomes irregular, some operations at the center are curtailed until enough funds are available.

• After the transfer of Phase 1 (Children’s Education) in July 2008 to the government, NNC had to move to another location and started to develop Phase 2 (Post-Education and Training).

Phase 2 was divided into two Divisions:
-Social Work directly at the Center and Social Outreach in the Community, each maintain independent financing.
* Program Expenditures At the Center:
- Support to learn a profession and find employment for mostly deaf students over the age of 16
- Help them to stabilize their lives before they start to practice independently in the community
- Some blind students may need special assistance before they find employment
- Expenditures for office-utilities, telephone, rent, maintenance, transportation costs and the cost of purchasing raw materials for production
- Expenditures for the boarding of students, literacy, health insurance, first aid and every 6 months.
- Investment in equipment, machinery and tools used for handicraft production.

The sale of products made at the Center covers much of the expenses, but it is not enough. NNC compensates with a portion of support, for example, some of the rent.

• Program Expenditures for Community Outreach:
- Support for apprentice training in the community (professions we can not offer at the NNC)
- Support for start-up capital for student business
- Support for mobility, transport vehicles: bicycles, wheelchairs etc.
- Support for tuition of High school, University, College, Secondary, Primary, Kindergarten
- Support for Students residing at the center (rice, gas, maintenance)
- Support of literacy (support for teacher salaries, books and pens for students)
- Support for health care and public health: medical emergencies, family-visits to the hospital after a surgery or accident, first aid medication every 6 months for the center, and health insurance.
- Support investment for machinery, tools and equipment as needed
- Support for the Community Outreach Program expenses
- Support for special occasions like wedding, funeral, birthday

- Planning and support of several annual events that encourage participation and integration into the Community:
     * TET (Lunar New Year)
     * Vietnam Disability Day, 18 of Apirl
     * Vietnam Family Day
     * Mid-Autumn Festival Day
     * International Disability Day
     * Occasional events for exchange with other NGO’s and Sponsors

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